Local Action Group

Who we are

The Posázaví Local Action Group works in an area of 99 local authorities which form the Posázaví region. For this region we fill the role of a service organisation arranging activities and co-ordination for the development of the Posázaví region. We have the legal personality of a non-profit-making organisation. We are, above all, patriots, enthusiasts, optimists and, to a marked degree, “freaks” fervent about the cause.

Basic Concepts


History of partnership in Posázaví

The first contacts that can be called partnership collaboration can be dated from the year 2000, when closer negotiations between CHOPOS, the business community and neighbouring micro regions took place. The first initiative was taken by the founder of an information centre in Vlašim, with a view to generating collaboration in tourism. Thus started the collaboration between CHOPOS and the Podblanicko information centre. The first outcome was a positive assessment of a meeting in November 2000 at Monínec near Sedlec-Prčice, where active entities from the Posázaví region, for whom tourism development had become a part of their work or business, participated.

Where we get the money from


Experience gained

They say that experience is not transferable. Everyone will certainly agree with that, but let us try anyway to effect a transfer of experience from the work and teamwork gained in Posázaví.
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