Zpět na obsah6. Posázaví o.p.s. - service organization of the Local Action Group

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 6.3: Posázaví o.p.s. as a service organization

Popis situace:
Posázaví o.p.s. provides the LAG members and other subjects operating in the region with services enabling their participation in the region development.

Cíl opatření:
Posázaví o.p.s. is an efficient service organization capable to provide its own sources for functioning and providing administrative and organizational support to the LAGs.

Aktivita 6.3.1 Promotion of the region, mainly in the field of tourist trade.
Aktivita 6.3.2 Provision of project preparation and administrative support to the LAGs.
Aktivita 6.3.3 Development of the communication space for the LAG members.
Aktivita 6.3.4 Coordination and training of the information centers in the region.
Aktivita 6.3.5 Offers of LAG partners training.
Aktivita 6.3.6 Support of international cooperation, partnership exchange and study tours.
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