Zpět na obsah6. Posázaví o.p.s. - service organization of the Local Action Group

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 6.2: Posázaví o.p.s. as an advisor

Popis situace:
Many smaller subjects lack the energy and means to acquire relevant information about how to solve specific problems (legislation, funding, etc.). Posázaví o.p.s. should act as consultant in these cases. In present, the organization Posázaví o.p.s. operates mostly in the field of projects development.

Cíl opatření:
Posázaví o.p.s. offers its own or mediated consulting services to various subjects in the region. It mediates the experience of different organizations with resolution of similar issues to all interested subjects in the region.

Aktivita 6.2.1 Consulting in project preparation, searching of financial resources and fundraising.
Aktivita 6.2.2 Consulting in legal issues, in particular the administrative legislation.
Aktivita 6.2.3 Collecting of and informing about examples of the specific problems resolution.
Aktivita 6.2.4 Consulting in the filed of communication with media and public.
Aktivita 6.2.5 Consulting in the field of communities development and of the land-use planning.
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