Zpět na obsah6. Posázaví o.p.s. - service organization of the Local Action Group

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 6.1: Cooperation - intersectoral bridge

Popis situace:
Cooperation represents the main principle, which promotes the Posázaví region through its development. The cooperation should be constantly supported and sustained. Such cooperation, joint solution of similar problems and exchange of experience are appreciated by all active subjects of the Posázaví region.

Cíl opatření:
Posázaví o.p.s. actively builds sufficient opportunities for meetings, contact building and cooperation of various subjects, regardless whether they operate inside or outside the separate social sectors.

Aktivita 6.1.1 Development of an effective system of communication between LAG and mayors.
Aktivita 6.1.2 Assistance in professionalizing of regional managers.
Aktivita 6.1.3 Assistance in management, training and coordination of regional managers.
Aktivita 6.1.4 Preparation of contacts catalogue for partnership (partnership market).
Aktivita 6.1.5 Organization of personal meetings within the sectors and externally (community planning - round tables).
Aktivita 6.1.6 Support of interconnection between the private non-profit organizations and businessmen.
Aktivita 6.1.7 Support of cooperation amongst the private non-profit organizations.
Aktivita 6.1.8 Coordination of the dates of significant cultural events.
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