Zpět na obsah5. Support of children and youth activities.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 5.2: Support of after-school activities designed for children and youth.

Popis situace:
The after-school activities are an important complement of the school education. They play an irreplaceable role in building of relations to the place the children live in and as primary anti-drug prevention. At the moment, these activities are concentrated to bigger villages and are therefore inaccessible for many children and youngsters. Even the current leisure activities designed for children and youth fight with many problems.

Cíl opatření:
The children and youth have various opportunities how to spend their leisure time meaningfully. They are offered manifold scale of activities and programs. Even smaller villages offer various programs and courses. Local trainers, non-profit organizations and others interested in after-school activities dispose of adequate equipment, premises and human resources for the work with children and youth.

Aktivita 5.2.1 Support of building and equipping the premises for after-school activities of children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.2 Training and education of instructors and volunteers for leisure activities of children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.3 Support of international exchange and foreign studies programs for children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.4 Support of maternity centers projects.
Aktivita 5.2.5 Support of projects designed for children of different age categories.
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