Zpět na obsah4. Support of infrastructure development

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 4.1: Support of transport infrastructure.

Popis situace:
The condition of the transport infrastructure, particularly of the roads of lower classes, is very bad nation-widely. For many communities, this is a problem exceeding the possibility of resolution within the scope of the region due to the requirement of high investments. That is the reason why should the Posázaví region concentrate on acquiring of external financial resources and on readiness to carry out the projects of the transport infrastructure recovery. Another problem consists in the fact that many communications do not belong into the property and administration of communities but the region or the state.

Cíl opatření:
Acquiring of the highest possible volume of financial resources for restoration and maintenance of local communications and increasing of the absorption capacity of the region as concerns readiness of the investments.

Aktivita 4.1.1 Preparation of project documentation for restoration of transport infrastructure.
Aktivita 4.1.2 Coordination of communities confederations aimed at maintenance of communications.
Aktivita 4.1.3 Implementation of measures for transport modulation.
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