Zpět na obsah3. Involvement of residents into public life, decision-making in the region and clubbing.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 3.4: Support of the public awareness and involvement of specific groups.

Popis situace:
When involving the public, it is necessary to consider different target groups, their needs and their importance in respect with the matter in question. The main target groups considered more in present are tourists, mayors, municipal representatives and certain associations. It is however necessary to inform or directly involve the other target groups too.

Cíl opatření:
The key target groups of communication inside and outside the region are identified, the information channels and instruments for the involvement of the key and disadvantaged target groups are set up.

Aktivita 3.4.1 Support Your Maniac - searching for and involvement of active people, local authorities and enthusiasts.
Aktivita 3.4.2 Support of intergeneration activities.
Aktivita 3.4.3 Barrier-free access to offices and public buildings.
Aktivita 3.4.4 Development of specific communication channels for various target groups.
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