Zpět na obsah3. Involvement of residents into public life, decision-making in the region and clubbing.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 3.3: Support of involvement of and communication with public.

Popis situace:
From its substance, the LAG is open to communication with public and supports its participation in the decision-making. Even though many communities also do the same, the situation is still not satisfactory. Amongst the main reasons we could name a certain non-conceptual approach to the public involvement and frequently low-quality implementation.

Cíl opatření:
The important issues concerning development are consulted with the public of the region. That is carried out upon quality methodology of public involvement.

Aktivita 3.3.1 Training in the field of communication with public and journalists; management of public meetings and work groups.
Aktivita 3.3.2 Assistance to communities in resolution of complex issues.
Aktivita 3.3.3 Information campaigns - itinerant exhibitions related to supraregional issues (cultural, transport, environmental).
Aktivita 3.3.4 Support of quality involvement of the proprietors and public into ÚSES establishment including explanations of the specific measures.
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