Zpět na obsah3. Involvement of residents into public life, decision-making in the region and clubbing.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 3.2: Information and media support of the region.

Popis situace:
Exchange of information and cooperation are crucial for the success of the objectives and activities of this strategy. The current exchange of information is mediated by Posázaví o.p.s. and by the existing information offices. An important instrument of the exchange is the server www.posazavi.com.

Cíl opatření:
There is an interconnected regional system of information exchange. The information is actively collected and spread by local media.

Aktivita 3.2.1 Publication (PR) of successful events (positive examples).
Aktivita 3.2.2 Informing the residents about local problems (e.g. leaflets before meetings, service for local reporters, etc.).
Aktivita 3.2.3 Support of education of local newspaper publishers.
Aktivita 3.2.4 Technical support to local newspaper publishing.
Aktivita 3.2.5 Support of meetings and communication of various subjects in the region with the representatives of nation-wide media.
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