Zpět na obsah2. Overall improvement of attractiveness of the region as an area for living and recreation.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 2.6: Support of tradesmen and "small" businesses.

Popis situace:
The current complicated legislation and high taxes do not contribute to the good of small tradesmen, especially in small villages it is difficult to survive. That is why their activities head to bigger urban areas.

Cíl opatření:
Increasing numbers of tradesmen in villages.

Aktivita 2.6.1 Restoration and establishment of facilities for new business activities.
Aktivita 2.6.2 Training and education of quality staff.
Aktivita 2.6.3 Assistance in promotion of offered services.
Aktivita 2.6.4 Assistance in development of project documentation and projects aimed at the production extension or restructuring.
Aktivita 2.6.5 Support of premises and production development with emphasis on modern technologies.
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