Zpět na obsah2. Overall improvement of attractiveness of the region as an area for living and recreation.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 2.5: Support of small farming.

Popis situace:
Agriculture is an inseparable part of life in the country. In present, farming brings many conflicts between the farmers and other residents of the country. Due to the increasing requirements on administrative matters related to the agricultural production the farming becomes more intensive. The subsidies of the agricultural sector are aimed at the growth of production and intensification as well as at the agro-environmental measures. The related administration is however too burdening.

Cíl opatření:
Agriculture gets in harmony with the overall development of the country. The farmers communicate with other residents about development of the country. The support goes mostly to the activities being in harmony with the interests of other residents of the country.

Aktivita 2.5.1 Assistance in paper handling related with applications for subsidies.
Aktivita 2.5.2 Support of hippotourism and agrotourims.
Aktivita 2.5.3 Support of farming connected to service provision (accommodation, boarding, handicraft production, etc.)
Aktivita 2.5.4 Employment of farmers in non-agricultural activities (maintenance of communications in winter, composting of biological waste, etc.)
Aktivita 2.5.5 Purchase, repairs and updating of machinery owned by small farmers with emphasis on provident management and usage of renewable resources.
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