Zpět na obsah2. Overall improvement of attractiveness of the region as an area for living and recreation.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 2.3: Development of tourist trade.

Popis situace:
The Posázaví region is perceived as a traditional tourist destination having a lot to offer to its visitors as concerns its nature and/or historical monuments. Its greatest weakness is the insufficiently developed tourist infrastructure. The visitors thus spend only short time in the region, frequently not more than one day.

Cíl opatření:
The region offers its visitors many destinations and leisure activities sustained by adequate services, as are accommodation, boarding, etc. The visitors spend several days in the region and regularly come back.

Aktivita 2.3.1 Building and promotion of jogging tracks cycling routes, waterman's routes, hiking paths, riding routes (signs, movables, running tracks, weir signs, etc.)
Aktivita 2.3.2 Support to auxiliary tourist services.
Aktivita 2.3.3 Establishment and extension of lodging capacities of all categories (however limited support of extension of buildings designed for private recreation).
Aktivita 2.3.4 Support of tourist packages.
Aktivita 2.3.5 Support of activities designed for off-season employment of seasonal employees and for improvement of their qualification.
Aktivita 2.3.6 Restoration and building of natural open-air pools, beaches and fire reservoirs suitable for recreational purposes.
Aktivita 2.3.7 Support and promotion of certification of lodging services of all categories.
Aktivita 2.3.8 Support of adaptation works required for "Bikers Welcomed" certification.
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