Zpět na obsah2. Overall improvement of attractiveness of the region as an area for living and recreation.

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 2.1: Support of sports activities, culture and clubbing.

Popis situace:
There are many various clubs operating in the Posázaví region, however mostly on a voluntary and unprofessional basis. Such initiatives are dependent on active individuals and enthusiasts. The organizations are often not strong enough to build or reconstruct buildings or sports premises they are using or managing. Satisfactory cultural and sport self-realization represent one of the options how to keep young people in the region.

Cíl opatření:
The clubs and other subjects organizing sports and cultural events for public are regularly supported. They can take advantage of various services sustained centrally.

Aktivita 2.1.1 Support of sports and cultural events for public.
Aktivita 2.1.2 Construction and restoration of buildings, facilities and areas designed for sport, culture and clubbing.
Aktivita 2.1.3 Grant schemes for the support of clubbing (hobby and sports clubs etc.).
Aktivita 2.1.4 )Support of central service for organizers of cultural and sports events (e.g. stage rentals, sound systems, assistance in accounting, etc.).
Aktivita 2.1.5 Support of programs offering education of adults and seniors.
Aktivita 2.1.6 Consulting and assistance in establishment of clubs.
Aktivita 2.1.7 Support of regional and occupational meetings of clubs and experience exchange.
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