Zpět na obsah1. Preservation and appreciation of the natural and architectonic heritage of the region

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 1.5: Education and informing in the field of environmental protection.

Popis situace:
One of the main problems in the nature conservation consists in communication between professionals and public. Their mutual misunderstandings frequently lead to conflicts and useless disputes. The information about environment are freely available. It is however necessary to motivate people to provident behavior in relation with the environment. In present, there are also numerous sources of fundraising but there are not many subjects capable to implement the projects. The region of Vlašim comparing to the region of Benešov has higher number of such active subjects.

Cíl opatření:
The residents of the Posázaví region know the natural wealth of their neighborhoods and are interested in its protection. The number of the implemented projects aimed at protection and recovery of natural resources is about to increase.

Aktivita 1.5.1 Organization of lectures, seminars, workshops.
Aktivita 1.5.2 Printed materials on environmental protection (bulletins, books, leaflets, etc.)
Aktivita 1.5.3 Support of existing and establishment of new centers of environmental education.
Aktivita 1.5.4 Informative section on environmental protection on the Posázaví website (with possible participation of information centers, Czech Union for Nature Conservation, etc.)
Aktivita 1.5.5 Maintenance and building of instructive paths.
Aktivita 1.5.6 Monitoring of development and maintenance of land-use planning.
Aktivita 1.5.7 Support of external resources into the environmental protection for new organizations operating in the filed.
Aktivita 1.5.8 Monitoring of influence of tourism to the environment and searching for resolution of potential conflicts.
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