Zpět na obsah1. Preservation and appreciation of the natural and architectonic heritage of the region

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 1.4: Landscape water management.

Popis situace:
Appropriate water management forms an important part of the care for the countryside. This has however been often marginalized or even ignored up to date, thus causing local floods, soil erosions and other problems. Another important issue is the contamination of surface water courses by sewage water. The key elements of this issue are the Sázava river and the Želivka reservoir.

Cíl opatření:
The natural water circulation in the countryside is respected. Small water courses are respected within the scope of the land-use planning, have their administrators and their maintenance is provided in the urban areas, while outside the urban areas they are left to spill naturally. The Sázava is used in harmony between the energetic usage, tourist concerns and nature conservation. The delimitation of the active zones of the flood land pursuant to the Water Act has been completed. The Želivka reservoir has been a benefit for neighboring communities in preservation of the protective measures.

Aktivita 1.4.1 Support of water accumulation and other flood control elements including polders.
Aktivita 1.4.2 Revitalization of small watercourses.
Aktivita 1.4.3 Education in the fields of flood-control measures and landscape water management.
Aktivita 1.4.4 Revitalization of ponds and water reservoirs.
Aktivita 1.4.5 Outplanting of preserves and other erosion-control landscaping measures.
Aktivita 1.4.6 Maintenance of vegetation along rivers.
Aktivita 1.4.7 Increasing capacity of river-basins in urban areas in nature-friendly ways.
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