Zpět na obsah1. Preservation and appreciation of the natural and architectonic heritage of the region

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 1.3: Restoration of rustic style of villages.

Popis situace:
The objective of this measure is to preserve rustic image of village, defined as respecting of the architectural heritage and of the region image, thus even in case of new housing. Each and any case must be evaluated individually - it is impossible to introduce uniform rules or regulations. In spite of the long-term endeavor, the image of public areas and villages still does not meet the expectations. Small and financially weak communities still fight with the elementary adaptations of public areas and infrastructure, including sidewalks, benches and/or bus stops. Frequently, there are not sufficient financial means for these elements due to other priorities of the community.

Cíl opatření:
Our objective is to increase the number of adapted public areas and buildings. The measure does not consider ownership of the premises and its usability by public. The measure particularly aims at preservation of the rustic image of villages, which would be attractive for residential as well as recreational purposes. The adaptations should not conform solely to the aesthetic aspect but also to sustainability and usability of the adapted space. The measure will support both implementation of such projects and their quality documentation.

Aktivita 1.3.1 Maintenance of public areas (greenery, bus stops, sidewalks, etc.)
Aktivita 1.3.2 Support to restorations and adaptations aimed at usage of the buildings of local importance (e.g. historically valuable buildings incl. religious buildings - e.g. mansions, facades in village squares, etc.)
Aktivita 1.3.3 Support of preservation of rustic style of villages within the scope of land-use planning.
Aktivita 1.3.4 Support of listed buildings restoration granted also to private entities.
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