Zpět na obsah1. Preservation and appreciation of the natural and architectonic heritage of the region

Zpět na prioritní oblastOpatření 1.1: Preservation of biodiversity and natural-valuable territories

Popis situace:
Environmental protection forms the basic pillar of this priority. There are many options of fundraising for projects aimed at nature conservation. The main problem nevertheless consists in the interest of land owners in the nature conservation and in a small number of subjects capable to implement the projects of nature protection. The contradictions in usage of the land and the protection of environmentally valuable territories in private ownership cause frequent conflicts between the conservators and the residents.

Cíl opatření:
An adequate regime of nature protection has been introduced to the most valuable territories from the viewpoint of the environmental protection. We support preservation of biodiversity.

Aktivita 1.1.1 Restoration and building of the Territorial System of Environmental Stability (TSES). Buyout of TSES land. Long-term leases aimed at preservation.
Aktivita 1.1.2 Buyout (e.g. by the land trust) and care for valuable territories (support of provident soil management).
Aktivita 1.1.3 Support of rescue stations.
Aktivita 1.1.4 Support of biodiversity preservation.
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