Zpět6. Posázaví o.p.s. - service organization of the Local Action Group

Základní principy
The LAG operates as an open regional organization with the clear objectives and responsibilities. Its members actively participate in its activities and cooperate in the region development. The LAG's service organization is Posázaví o.p.s. that fulfills the tasks ordered and is a worthy representative of the region. The activities falling into the scope of this priority should be provided by Posázaví o.p.s.

Opatření 6.1 

Cooperation - intersectoral bridge
Aktivita 6.1.1 Development of an effective system of communication between LAG and mayors.
Aktivita 6.1.2 Assistance in professionalizing of regional managers.
Aktivita 6.1.3 Assistance in management, training and coordination of regional managers.
Aktivita 6.1.4 Preparation of contacts catalogue for partnership (partnership market).
Aktivita 6.1.5 Organization of personal meetings within the sectors and externally (community planning - round tables).
Aktivita 6.1.6 Support of interconnection between the private non-profit organizations and businessmen.
Aktivita 6.1.7 Support of cooperation amongst the private non-profit organizations.
Aktivita 6.1.8 Coordination of the dates of significant cultural events.

Opatření 6.2 

Posázaví o.p.s. as an advisor
Aktivita 6.2.1 Consulting in project preparation, searching of financial resources and fundraising.
Aktivita 6.2.2 Consulting in legal issues, in particular the administrative legislation.
Aktivita 6.2.3 Collecting of and informing about examples of the specific problems resolution.
Aktivita 6.2.4 Consulting in the filed of communication with media and public.
Aktivita 6.2.5 Consulting in the field of communities development and of the land-use planning.

Opatření 6.3 

Posázaví o.p.s. as a service organization
Aktivita 6.3.1 Promotion of the region, mainly in the field of tourist trade.
Aktivita 6.3.2 Provision of project preparation and administrative support to the LAGs.
Aktivita 6.3.3 Development of the communication space for the LAG members.
Aktivita 6.3.4 Coordination and training of the information centers in the region.
Aktivita 6.3.5 Offers of LAG partners training.
Aktivita 6.3.6 Support of international cooperation, partnership exchange and study tours.

Opatření 6.4 

Active collector of information
Aktivita 6.4.1 Development of quality network of informers from different regions and districts.
Aktivita 6.4.2 Preparation of the projects objectives catalogue.
Aktivita 6.4.3 Generalizing of problems and support of the separate subjects involved in the specific problem domains or cases.
Aktivita 6.4.4 Support of acquiring international experience and information.
Aktivita 6.4.5 Building of contacts and exchange of experience with other organizations.
Aktivita 6.4.6 Development of the regional directory of contacts in different regions by Posázaví o.p.s.
Aktivita 6.4.7 Development of the www.posazavi.com website.
Aktivita 6.4.8 Presentation of the specific successful or interesting events.
Aktivita 6.4.9 Support of different communication channels for different target groups.

Opatření 6.5 

Active lobbyist
Aktivita 6.5.1 Presentation of its own activities and regional concerns at important meetings, conferences, etc.
Aktivita 6.5.2 Addressing specific MP's and politicians with relation to the region or the issue.
Aktivita 6.5.3 Active participation in public discussions on legislation proposals, etc.
Aktivita 6.5.4 Participation in both official and informal consulting organizations of the government or regional administration.
Aktivita 6.5.5 Support of the companies' social responsibility and of individual donations to the non-profit sector.
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