Zpět5. Support of children and youth activities.

Základní principy
One of the key areas of how to maintain the quality of life in the region and how to preserve young generation in the country. This group is a guarantee of the long-term development of the country. The children and the youth should build their relation to the place they live in and should have opportunity to meet their peers, etc. The organizations working with children and youngsters are valuable contributions to this priority, which is also aimed at their support. The elementary objectives of this priority are determined by the target group of children and youth.

Opatření 5.1 

Support of preservation of schools with small numbers of pupils.
Aktivita 5.1.1 Development of transport systems for children from distant villages (school buses etc..).
Aktivita 5.1.2 Support of ungraded schools establishment.
Aktivita 5.1.3 Support of projects and programs developing relations of children and youth to the country and its local heritage.
Aktivita 5.1.4 Support of country schools reconstructions and their equipment.
Aktivita 5.1.5 Support of schools adaptations for after-school activities.

Opatření 5.2 

Support of after-school activities designed for children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.1 Support of building and equipping the premises for after-school activities of children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.2 Training and education of instructors and volunteers for leisure activities of children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.3 Support of international exchange and foreign studies programs for children and youth.
Aktivita 5.2.4 Support of maternity centers projects.
Aktivita 5.2.5 Support of projects designed for children of different age categories.

Opatření 5.3 

Awareness in the field of children and youth activities.
Aktivita 5.3.1 Support of improvement of awareness about leisure activities in the region (e.g. by brochures, websites).
Aktivita 5.3.2 Support of meetings of people involved in children and youth leisure activities and of other forms of their experience exchange.
Aktivita 5.3.3 Support of leisure activities promotion.
Aktivita 5.3.4 Support of projects building relation to the region.

Opatření 5.4 

Support of projects implemented by children and youth.
Aktivita 5.4.1 Support of projects initiated by children and youth.
Aktivita 5.4.2 Establishment and support of centers focused on the initiatives of children an youth and assisting in complex implementation of the children's and youth's projects.
Aktivita 5.4.3 Support of magazines and media developed by children and youth.
Aktivita 5.4.4 Implementation of projects developed by children and youth.
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