Zpět4. Support of infrastructure development

Základní principy
The cooperation and collection of the small communities' financial means represents a potential way to the gradual solution of this deprived area. Project documentation should be supported too, together with the financial provision of the projects implementation (e.g. loans guarantees or assistance in repayment of interests).

Opatření 4.1 

Support of transport infrastructure.
Aktivita 4.1.1 Preparation of project documentation for restoration of transport infrastructure.
Aktivita 4.1.2 Coordination of communities confederations aimed at maintenance of communications.
Aktivita 4.1.3 Implementation of measures for transport modulation.

Opatření 4.2 

Development of technical infrastructure.
Aktivita 4.2.1 Preparation of project documentation for building and restoration of the communities' technical infrastructure.
Aktivita 4.2.2 Coordination and establishment of communities confederations aimed at building and restoration of technical infrastructure.
Aktivita 4.2.3 Building of root water treatment plants and other alternative water treatment devices.
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