Zpět3. Involvement of residents into public life, decision-making in the region and clubbing.

Základní principy
It is impossible to proceed in the region development without active participation of public. This priority therefore includes into the strategy the principal of the participative approach (the principal of the public involvement into the decision-making) and the support of associations and other subjects.

Opatření 3.1 

Development and recovery of cultural heritage and formation of traditions.
Aktivita 3.1.1 Events recovering or establishing traditions for general public.
Aktivita 3.1.2 Protection of cultural heritage.
Aktivita 3.1.3 Support of documentation of local verbal culture and memoirs.
Aktivita 3.1.4 Activities supporting local patriotism.
Aktivita 3.1.5 Courses of handicrafts, folk customs and arts.

Opatření 3.2 

Information and media support of the region.
Aktivita 3.2.1 Publication (PR) of successful events (positive examples).
Aktivita 3.2.2 Informing the residents about local problems (e.g. leaflets before meetings, service for local reporters, etc.).
Aktivita 3.2.3 Support of education of local newspaper publishers.
Aktivita 3.2.4 Technical support to local newspaper publishing.
Aktivita 3.2.5 Support of meetings and communication of various subjects in the region with the representatives of nation-wide media.

Opatření 3.3 

Support of involvement of and communication with public.
Aktivita 3.3.1 Training in the field of communication with public and journalists; management of public meetings and work groups.
Aktivita 3.3.2 Assistance to communities in resolution of complex issues.
Aktivita 3.3.3 Information campaigns - itinerant exhibitions related to supraregional issues (cultural, transport, environmental).
Aktivita 3.3.4 Support of quality involvement of the proprietors and public into ÚSES establishment including explanations of the specific measures.

Opatření 3.4 

Support of the public awareness and involvement of specific groups.
Aktivita 3.4.1 Support Your Maniac - searching for and involvement of active people, local authorities and enthusiasts.
Aktivita 3.4.2 Support of intergeneration activities.
Aktivita 3.4.3 Barrier-free access to offices and public buildings.
Aktivita 3.4.4 Development of specific communication channels for various target groups.
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