Zpět2. Overall improvement of attractiveness of the region as an area for living and recreation.

Základní principy
The attractiveness of the region should not be determined only from the viewpoint of its visitors but also of its residents. The objective of this measure covers all categories of residents (youth, seniors, disadvantaged groups). The support to businessmen is mainly aimed at increasing the availability of the civic amenities in smaller villages and at creation of jobs. These activities should be however regardful of the landscape and the environment as whole. The general principal should be the preference of reconstructions and endeavors to use the existing objects instead of the new objects building.

Opatření 2.1 

Support of sports activities, culture and clubbing.
Aktivita 2.1.1 Support of sports and cultural events for public.
Aktivita 2.1.2 Construction and restoration of buildings, facilities and areas designed for sport, culture and clubbing.
Aktivita 2.1.3 Grant schemes for the support of clubbing (hobby and sports clubs etc.).
Aktivita 2.1.4 )Support of central service for organizers of cultural and sports events (e.g. stage rentals, sound systems, assistance in accounting, etc.).
Aktivita 2.1.5 Support of programs offering education of adults and seniors.
Aktivita 2.1.6 Consulting and assistance in establishment of clubs.
Aktivita 2.1.7 Support of regional and occupational meetings of clubs and experience exchange.

Opatření 2.2 

Establishment and support of information centers and their interconnection.
Aktivita 2.2.1 Construction and restoration of buildings and facilities for information, cultural and tourist offices.
Aktivita 2.2.2 Purchase of facilities and technologies for information, cultural and tourist offices.
Aktivita 2.2.3 Training of the staff of information centers and exchange of experiences amongst the centers.

Opatření 2.3 

Development of tourist trade.
Aktivita 2.3.1 Building and promotion of jogging tracks cycling routes, waterman's routes, hiking paths, riding routes (signs, movables, running tracks, weir signs, etc.)
Aktivita 2.3.2 Support to auxiliary tourist services.
Aktivita 2.3.3 Establishment and extension of lodging capacities of all categories (however limited support of extension of buildings designed for private recreation).
Aktivita 2.3.4 Support of tourist packages.
Aktivita 2.3.5 Support of activities designed for off-season employment of seasonal employees and for improvement of their qualification.
Aktivita 2.3.6 Restoration and building of natural open-air pools, beaches and fire reservoirs suitable for recreational purposes.
Aktivita 2.3.7 Support and promotion of certification of lodging services of all categories.
Aktivita 2.3.8 Support of adaptation works required for "Bikers Welcomed" certification.

Opatření 2.4 

Development of services designed for residents and visitors.
Aktivita 2.4.1 Support of better transport accommodation of the territory (integrated transport systems, extension to the Czech Railways and linkage to traditional centers).
Aktivita 2.4.2 Support of petty services to residents (ambulant shop, hairdresser, shoe repair shop, etc.).
Aktivita 2.4.3 Technical support enabling access of salvage and rescue service, pharmacies and dispensaries, and medical service for smaller communities.

Opatření 2.5 

Support of small farming.
Aktivita 2.5.1 Assistance in paper handling related with applications for subsidies.
Aktivita 2.5.2 Support of hippotourism and agrotourims.
Aktivita 2.5.3 Support of farming connected to service provision (accommodation, boarding, handicraft production, etc.)
Aktivita 2.5.4 Employment of farmers in non-agricultural activities (maintenance of communications in winter, composting of biological waste, etc.)
Aktivita 2.5.5 Purchase, repairs and updating of machinery owned by small farmers with emphasis on provident management and usage of renewable resources.

Opatření 2.6 

Support of tradesmen and "small" businesses.
Aktivita 2.6.1 Restoration and establishment of facilities for new business activities.
Aktivita 2.6.2 Training and education of quality staff.
Aktivita 2.6.3 Assistance in promotion of offered services.
Aktivita 2.6.4 Assistance in development of project documentation and projects aimed at the production extension or restructuring.
Aktivita 2.6.5 Support of premises and production development with emphasis on modern technologies.

Opatření 2.7 

Support of local products and services.
Aktivita 2.7.1 Support of local products and services sale.
Aktivita 2.7.2 Support of competition of local products and services.
Aktivita 2.7.3 Certification of the Posázaví regional products.
Aktivita 2.7.4 Preparation of the catalogue of regional boarding and accommodation services.
Aktivita 2.7.5 Development of internet local products market.
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