Zpět1. Preservation and appreciation of the natural and architectonic heritage of the region

Základní principy
The measures of this priority should be directed to the balance between the tourist trade and the protection of nature and historical monuments. It is necessary to support landscape diversity and involvement of public into the development and monitoring of the land-use planning observation. Within the support of the projects aimed at nature or landscape preservation it is necessary to let them evaluate by environmental professionals to prevent unintentional damage of the nature or the landscape due to unprofessional interventions. The preservation and development of free movement through the country is a key priority for the life of both the Posázaví region residents and visitors.

Opatření 1.1 

Preservation of biodiversity and natural-valuable territories
Aktivita 1.1.1 Restoration and building of the Territorial System of Environmental Stability (TSES). Buyout of TSES land. Long-term leases aimed at preservation.
Aktivita 1.1.2 Buyout (e.g. by the land trust) and care for valuable territories (support of provident soil management).
Aktivita 1.1.3 Support of rescue stations.
Aktivita 1.1.4 Support of biodiversity preservation.

Opatření 1.2 

Landscape preservation and restoration.
Aktivita 1.2.1 Buyout of lots valuable from landscaping viewpoint aimed at their preservation and maintenance.
Aktivita 1.2.2 Restoration of original landscaping elements (forestation, streams deregulation, preserves, alleys, ponds, pools, lawns).
Aktivita 1.2.3 Support of provident landscape maintenance (pasture, meadow mowing, etc.)
Aktivita 1.2.4 Restoration of historical paths and roads, support of their buyout into the communities' possession and inclusion into the lists of paths and communications accessible to public of the drawing sections of ground plans).
Aktivita 1.2.5 Restoration, building and preservation of small constructions in the landscape (wayside crosses, chapels, stone walls, fountains, benches, rest-stops, etc.)
Aktivita 1.2.6 Support of garden and landscaping projects.
Aktivita 1.2.7 Building of bridges and footbridges.
Aktivita 1.2.8 Landscape cleanup (river, brooks, along the roads).
Aktivita 1.2.9 Support of preservation of non-urbanized landscape.

Opatření 1.3 

Restoration of rustic style of villages.
Aktivita 1.3.1 Maintenance of public areas (greenery, bus stops, sidewalks, etc.)
Aktivita 1.3.2 Support to restorations and adaptations aimed at usage of the buildings of local importance (e.g. historically valuable buildings incl. religious buildings - e.g. mansions, facades in village squares, etc.)
Aktivita 1.3.3 Support of preservation of rustic style of villages within the scope of land-use planning.
Aktivita 1.3.4 Support of listed buildings restoration granted also to private entities.

Opatření 1.4 

Landscape water management.
Aktivita 1.4.1 Support of water accumulation and other flood control elements including polders.
Aktivita 1.4.2 Revitalization of small watercourses.
Aktivita 1.4.3 Education in the fields of flood-control measures and landscape water management.
Aktivita 1.4.4 Revitalization of ponds and water reservoirs.
Aktivita 1.4.5 Outplanting of preserves and other erosion-control landscaping measures.
Aktivita 1.4.6 Maintenance of vegetation along rivers.
Aktivita 1.4.7 Increasing capacity of river-basins in urban areas in nature-friendly ways.

Opatření 1.5 

Education and informing in the field of environmental protection.
Aktivita 1.5.1 Organization of lectures, seminars, workshops.
Aktivita 1.5.2 Printed materials on environmental protection (bulletins, books, leaflets, etc.)
Aktivita 1.5.3 Support of existing and establishment of new centers of environmental education.
Aktivita 1.5.4 Informative section on environmental protection on the Posázaví website (with possible participation of information centers, Czech Union for Nature Conservation, etc.)
Aktivita 1.5.5 Maintenance and building of instructive paths.
Aktivita 1.5.6 Monitoring of development and maintenance of land-use planning.
Aktivita 1.5.7 Support of external resources into the environmental protection for new organizations operating in the filed.
Aktivita 1.5.8 Monitoring of influence of tourism to the environment and searching for resolution of potential conflicts.

Opatření 1.6 

Support of monuments significant from tourist and historical viewpoint.
Aktivita 1.6.1 Complex promotion of tourist and historical sites.
Aktivita 1.6.2 Support of local information systems.
Aktivita 1.6.3 Support of promotion of significant sites with traffic signs.
Aktivita 1.6.4 Support of restoration of historical monuments and sites of tourism.
Aktivita 1.6.5 Provident illumination of significant objects (preventing increases in light smog).
Aktivita 1.6.6 Building of new tourist destinations (museums, open-air museums, etc.)
Aktivita 1.6.7 Preparation of interesting sales materials about the Posázaví region (photo book, map, guide, etc.)

Opatření 1.7 

Wastes and energy management.
Aktivita 1.7.1 Support of communities associations aimed at joint resolution of the wastes management (joint waste collection, dump area, etc.).
Aktivita 1.7.2 Support of building of collection yards, sites for disposal of inert materials and communal composting areas.
Aktivita 1.7.3 Searching for new options in the issue of waste disposal (new dumping area, etc.).
Aktivita 1.7.4 Assistance in liquidation of prohibited dumps.
Aktivita 1.7.5 Support of renewable power resources (e.g. growing and processing of fast-growing woody and herb species as energy resources).
Aktivita 1.7.6 Support of energy audits and projects of low-energy adaptations of public buildings.
Aktivita 1.7.7 Support of building adaptations aimed at energy saving.
Aktivita 1.7.8 Education and consulting in the field of low-energy measures.

Opatření 1.8 

Sustainable growth of communities.
Aktivita 1.8.1 Support of quality documentation for planning decisions (building studies, etc.).
Aktivita 1.8.2 Support of the public involvement into the planning of land usage.
Aktivita 1.8.3 Support of project documentation contributing to the sustainable growth of communities (e.g. landscaping elements, public areas, bio-corridors, by-pass roads, etc.).
Aktivita 1.8.4 Support of geodesic and digital surveying of municipal communication sites, etc.
Aktivita 1.8.5 Support of preparation for the construction of residential buildings.
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